Friday, 9 March 2012

A blast from the past

Today I was tagged in a post on Facebook. I felt gloriously famous for a short space of time. It was like being part of the cool girls' club, something I've never managed before.

I used to write for parenting website Babyworld, and often I would admit my parenting foibles for the sake of a few quid. Well, I am a pen for hire. I am wondering if this is now coming back to bite me when my confessions are making it into the website's blog for others to read. But I still felt a glow of pride, even though what I had written leaves me in a very unfavourable light.

It was weird reading it today, five years on from publication date. Things haven't changed too much, except when I do say a bad word, I am quickly told off by my lovely daughter for being naughty. She really has turned into my nine-year-old conscience. I suppose I was bound to grow one one day.

Hope you enjoy the article - a trip down memory lane for me!