Friday, 21 October 2011

In the beginning

This is my first post, so bear with, as the lovely Miranda Hart says. I'm just trying to get something down on cyberspace? HTML? (I still think paper sounds much better) so I can start blogging.

I've had lots of ideas but at the moment when it comes to seeing them committed to, er, screen, they look odd. I guess it's strange for me to see the words that I speak to other people in their stark reality. Maybe it's because I fear they look less funny than they are.

This post, for example, is becoming turgidly dull. So I will end by saying that my aim in these blogs is to find something humorous in the sometimes mundane. Thoughts, musings, comedy in situations that might otherwise be cringeworthy (and I have enough of those, believe me). I hope I can make you laugh or at least entertain you. Perhaps you will just rejoice that your life isn't as bad/crazy/bizarre as mine.

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